Why my landing page is quite slow?

Hi everyone,

I’ve created 4 landing pages based on lang and different CTAs. Apparently, all is slow for some reason. I’ve made research and performed such things to improve the page speed, for example, minifying images, scaling. But, I bet there is much to do. Is there anyone who can x-ray my LP and come up with suggestions?

Ready-only link: Webflow - Adspert - Make every bid smartly

The other one: Webflow - Adspert - Make every bid smartly

Thank you so much!!

Performance can’t be determined by visiting the designer. One would need to look at a live instance of your site to investigate.

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for your reply. Where can I share the credentials? Via email is not efficient, I get a reply almost 2 days later :frowning:

Nihat, Jeff means published site, no one needs access to your account!
Link your mywebsite.webflow.io or the www.mywebsite.com then people can run tests against it.
Speeding up a webpage can be time-consuming for yourself and others. If after forums help and own research/efforts don’t get you far enough, I offer a consultancy in this area.
Good luck.

Ahh, I understood now.

Here is the published website: Amazon PPC Tool - Adspert, Amazon PPC Software - Adspert

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