Why Isn't this tab linking working?

Hi Guys,

I’ve tried everything to get the custom code to work so that when clicking one of the ‘lego brick’ nav links, the relevant tab will display, following various instructions on this thread: Linking to Specific Tab from another Link or Button
and other similar threads but to no avail.

At the moment I’m just trying to configure for the viewall tab and then replicate the code for the others once I get it working!

I currently have:


in the footer code, and have given the tablink the id of ‘viewalltab’ and the navlink the id of ‘views-button’, am i missing something?

Can anyone please help me?


Okay, I think it’s not working because I nested the nav menu in a div.

Okay, I’ve worked around this and just used link blocks in a div, on investigation it wouldn’t work when nested in a nav menu… if anyone knows how to enable within a nav menu feel free to post. [sharing link now disabled]

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