Why is Webflow seeing a 250px wide image as less than 100px wide?

I am attempting to replace Collection images that are way too large with lower resolution replacements, as they will be displayed at postage stamp size. Using the Mac Preview app, I have resized these to 250 pixels wide. When I attempt this replacement, or delete the previous image and then add the new image, Webflow is declining to do this telling me the images are less than 100px wide.

I am perplexed by this misreading of the image size. Any theories as to why this is happening?

Hey Peter,

I’m guessing here that you’ve set 100px wide as a minimum image size constraint on a CMS image field, and you’re trying to upload your image there.

If the app does not write out the dimensions of the image into its header ( this is not uncommon ), Webflow’s system would not easily be able to determine what size the image is. Worse, it might write out zero’s. Browsers won’t care, they’re carefully engineered to digest bad data- but other apps rely on that image metadata to be correct.

You could;

  • Use a different app to resize it
  • Open and save your image in an app like Photoshop
  • Remove your minimum constraint, so Webflow will not restrict your images based on the metadata’s indicated size