Why is this digital clock not working?

Hey all. I’m trying to implement the digital clock from this resource with the Argentinian timezone, but I can’t seem to make it work. Any ideas? Thx :slight_smile:

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Hi @teoias you are missing the attribute data-timezone on your element. You can see in the code where the timezone is coming from.

here is where it is in the template

when you open devtools you can clearly see the error

You can revisit the template to understand better what and how.

NOTE: When you are requesting help with JS please add also a link to the live page to follow a request post guide as JS doesn’t work in designer.

Hey Stan,

Thanks for the quick help :slight_smile: I might be missing something, but I have the timezone code on the container (which is the same as the clonable, I just changed the class name and made sure the custom code didn’t target the class). Here is a screenshot for clarity

Even with the default timezone from the clonable, I can’t make it work :frowning:

Here is the link to the publish site. Sorry for not adding it sooner. Thx.

I have double-checked, and I see that this clonable actually doesn’t work because of JS. Here is an example with my version of slightly changed code. Feel free to use it and customise it to your needs.

I have now time to create simple example in WF just in case you will have some issues to apply it.


Live Preview

Stan, you are the man! Thanks a lot :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

Hey Stan, for some reason, I can’t get the same clock to work on another place on the same page. I need the clock on the hero section and on the footer, but I can’t get the last one to work. Do you have any idea why that is happening? Thx :slight_smile:

Live site Here

hi @teoias you have customised code and on the end of your in addTimeAndMessage() function you are triggering changeData(message, holder, iconHolder) function that is not declared (is missing) Beside that there is a several errors that should be fixed.