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Why is the section transition cut off in my browser but neither in the editor nor in the preview and how can I change it?


I am confused as to how to solve this issue. What’s also weird is that the logo on the footer vanishes for some reason. I am using Chrome btw.

Thanks a lot for your input!


Here is my site Read-Only:
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If you zoom out of the designer or add larger breakpoints you will see what the issues are. In terms of solving them, not sure. Perhaps screenshotting the background and then adding it as a background to a section?

That’s how I did it before. However, the background images had to be huge and page loading time was bad. That’s why I changed it to this solution.
Maybe having the section transition pieces a big bigger will help.

Edit: The zooming out advice was super helpful for me to fix it, Chloe. for the upper one I had to increase the height and for the latter one I needed to increase the hight of the section below.

Do you have any idea why the logo in the footer doesn’t show though?

What is the published URL so I can see if I can see the logo?

I can see the logo on my end, both on the read only and the URL, even when I zoom out to a larger screen. On both Safari and Chrome. Sorry I can’t help you!

All good! Thank you so much for taking the time!
Have a great weekend ahead!