Why is the published version different then the one in the designer?

Hey all,

this is my first post here since I have come along pretty well with Webflow so far, but now I get more issues then before especially in the placement of the object on the site. There is a difference in the version in the designer and the on that gets published…

Anyone having an idea why?
Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - paul-louis.design)

and the live link: https://paul-louis-design-7e71a9.webflow.io

Can you share the live webflow.io link as well as the read only link?

as I can see you haven’t use container If use container with max width then it will expand upto max width of container

updatet the original post with the live link now.

Can you list out the differences you see? I can’t really see any apart from the image being centre aligned on the published site. Pretty sure that’s due to this element being centre aligned