Why is the publish timed?

Since when does the publish count down from 3 minutes to zero before it publishes??

hope this can go back to the way it was used to?


@magicmark is this a new feature from webflow? i kinda want to insta publish already multiple collaborators/customers called me telling me the changes they made arrent showed?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Can you share your read only link please?

@argogiant I do not experience this behavior, weird you do

so it’s not showing “published in 3 minutes”
when you publish


i am having this on multiple accounts so maybe its because of the desktop im using let me check on another computer

I have no idea why that is showing. That “Published in” text doesn’t seem to appear in our codebase (that I can see) :thinking:

Nope, business as usual here when publishing.


Could you share a screen recording of the Publish pop up with this text showing, then refresh the page and open it again?

im gonna make a screen cap already tried it in cognitomode and same issue

Check your computer clock, it’s probably slow by 2 minutes. We get the current time for published and count up from it, I wonder if your clock is manually set wrong? (Great call-out by a colleague who reproduced this by altering clock on their machine)

Ye was looking into the samething the time is off im gonna check if that fixes the problem thxs for the fast response @new_work_city @magicmark


I had this problem too… And the solution was to update my computer clock.


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