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Why is the new Template: "Palette" blinking in Chrome?

Why does the new Template: “Palette” blink when the slider moves to the next slide?
Browser: Chrome Version 34.0.1847.137 (latest)
…Works in Firefox & Safari seamlessly.

It’s very strange. I’m using same version of Chrome and don’t have this problem. However, I have noticed this before in 1 of my other templates. May be caused by content being too heavy which is used inside your slider (image sizes, large titles combined with interactions, etc…).

I’ve had the blinking issue on and off. You see it during preview right? Not on any particular template however, but any time the slider is included.

Yes in the preview. Think it may be a css issue with Chrome when the image/slider has to find 100% width of the screen size.

I’m not 100% sure but that might be an issue with transitions. If you have transition for “all” sometimes it might blink. Had this on my page at menu. I simply changed the transition “all” to transition specified transition here.