Why is the navigation bar on one of the web pages redundant?

Please can you let me know why is it that when I am on my portfolio page on my website, the navigation bar at the top is redundant? I understand that the Back Button works and it takes you to the previous page, but what happens if I want to go to the other pages ie testimonials straight from my portfolio page?

HI @jadeho, in taking a quick peek at the site, it looks like there are two navbars, one for the navbar to be shown on scroll, and one to show on initial appearance.

Could you help to clarify, which of the pages is your portfolio page? Thanks in advance, Dave

Hi Dave, Yes there are 2 scroll bars, you could take a look at NHS PORT for instance as there are quite a few.

Hi Dave, did you get my last message?

Hi @jadeho, thanks for the additional info. In looking at the NHS PORT page, I only see two navbars, one for the navbar on scroll and one for the initial appearance.

I took a quick peek at the navbar links on the NHS PORT page, and there are links that you can set to point to other pages. Could you help to describe or create a screencast, what is the problem?

If you click on the links are you not taken to the page you want? Sorry I am having an problem to see where the issue is.

Thanks in advance !

Hi Dave, When I am on the NHS PORT Page, I go go back (BACK BUTTON) but if I wanted to directly go to About Page (example) it doesnt take me there

Hi Dave,
Have you had a look yet, when I m on the portfolio page NHS PORT page, and if I click About or home or testimonial it doesnt allow me. It should take me directly to those pages, why doesnt it work.

Hi @jadeho, thanks for getting back to me, I am sorry for the delayed reply. The site link appears to have been disabled, could you please re-share the site link? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:



I hope you can help

Hi @jadeho, thanks for the new link. I took a look and in the NHS PORT page, on the top navbar, the about link is currently not linked to any page:

I would set a link to some page or target URL to get those links working.

The Go Back button is linked to the home page:

Set the link settings on your navigation links, and you should be good to go. Take a peek at this article: Webflow 101 | Webflow University

I hope this helps!