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Why is the google calendar iframe not working?

Any ideas? It won’t work when I past it into my website…

I see it working on your live site. Guess you resolved the issue? Iframes won’t display in the designer or preview.

Ohhhh! Hmm! It wasn’t showing for me in chrome when I published maybe it’s a chrome issue? Lol Thanks!

@jdesign it isn’t appearing in Safari for me either. Do you know why this may be?

Anytime things like that happen I always start by clearing cache or checking site in “private” or “incognito”. If that doesn’t help, turn you share link back on and I’ll take a look.

@jdesign Thanks I’ll give it a try!

@jdesign Okay cleared Cache and browsing history for both Chrome and Safari and I still don’t see the google calendar. Not sure why it would do this.

Can you turn your share link back on?

I can see it on published site.
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@sabanna do you know why it wouldn’t show for me on Safari or Chrome even after doing a cache?

I guess you are not alone with this problem!topic/calendar/-AbGDUQdA_A

@sabanna aw man that stinks! Thank you!

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