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Why is staging js loading?

I ran Google PageSpeed and Google Lighthouse on our site. It showed that our staging CSS is running. We have turned off indexing on the staging site, so I’m not sure why this would be running. Does anyone know?

Google PageView screenshot attached

This is the file that PageSpeed links to:

@sajarijon - Can you share the URL you loaded? It is not indicated in your post.

Hi Jeff,


Odd. If you can republish your site I would. Could be a remnant from this mornings outage. Otherwise open a ticket with support since this issue would be out of our control (forum members).

Hm, ok, thanks. Yeah, I wasn’t sure if it’s a known thing — it’s just how Webflow works — or if it’s something odd. I’ll try that, thanks.

Here’s the answer from Webflow support: it’s just the name of the site (which I called “staging”).

Your Javascript and CSS files that are generated when published have the unique subdomain name as part of the filename. These files are specific to projects, not to the custom domain they are published to.

You can edit the name that is generated in the file, by editing your subdomain in the general tab of your project settings.

Next time this comes up I will ask “What did you name your project?”.