Why is my mobile not scrolling?

hey - my mobile is stuck and overflow is set to visible on the blog page.

Any ideas?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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It may be related to this issue. Check if it’s resolved for you now.

Overflow property unexpectedly applied to some elements

Some customers may have experienced an issue where overflow properties may have been unexpectedly applied to some elements if the property was set on a given page between January 31st 18:20 UTC to February 1st 22:03 UTC.

This issue has since been resolved and had no impact on the published version of sites. The property can be reset or reapplied to any impacted elements to resolve any visual inconsistencies in the Designer vs. what is rendered on the live site.

thank you @matthewpmunger . It was happening on mobile which might explain why mobile is also having this issue.

I emailed webflow techincal supprt but maybe you have an idea. ?

i think there is a bug.

hey this is actually still not resolved at all. i am still having issues.

I’m not seeing the issue any longer and the other read-only goes to a page that no longer exists. Were you able to get help via support?

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yep thanks alot @matthewpmunger