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Why is my link block taking me to a white screen rather then displaying CMS content?

hi all, I created a cms called book notes. I added two posts, linked the page book notes to the cms. When I click the link it takes me to a white screen with nothing on it? I’m stupmed?

Here is my public share link: LINK
([how to access public share link][2])

It looks like the link takes you to your CMS Template page, which is currently empty. You need to set up this page and you can do so by clicking ‘Book Notes Template’ page at the bottom of the list under ‘Page’ at the top left of the designer.

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I see what you’re referencing, but why do the links work on my article page (without setting up the article template, the page pre-populates with the CMS article posts) I would like the book note page to act the same as the article page?

I believe your Article page is just a static page with a CMS gallery of your articles. It looks like your links work because they link to your Blog Post Template, which has actually been set up already. Your Blog Post template is different than your Book Notes template so both will need to created. Not sure if that answered your question but hopefully it helps!

hmmm, its weird as the difference between the pages are collection items vs link blocks. Theoretically, both should operate the same way, as both are linked to their own independent CMS.

Either way, I got it working, I just created the page as you suggested.


Awesome, glad I could help!