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Why is my grid layout displaying images differently between sections?

In two of my sections, Features and Pricing, I have a grid system created, cascading from 3 columns on desktop, to 2 columns on tablet, to 1 column on mobile. The grid system is all on the same class, for both sections, and the vector images used are all the same size.

However, on mobile, the Pricing grid is displaying larger than the Features grid. I want the Pricing grid to display the same as the Features grid on mobile. I have tried changing a bunch of things, but I’ve given up, and I thought the forum might be able to help!

Link to my view only site

Thank you!

Not entirely sure if this is it but I noticed in the Image Properties of the svgs in the features container they all have 125px specified - but this isn’t on the image properties in the pricing section. Changing them to 125px seems to work for me?

@russellprowse I would buy you a hundred beers if I could. This worked perfectly and such an easy fix. Thank you so much!

Haha! No problem.

I’ll hold you to the 100 beers, though

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@russellprowse Whenever you’re in Indianapolis, start this thread up again and tag me haha.

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