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WHY is display fixed position busted?

Video Example:

I have a little custom chat widget located fixed position on lower right side of the page. I am puzzled as to why fixed position is not working. I’d like to know WHY its not working.

Live page example:

Designer shared preview:

Hello @mikeyevin! :slight_smile: Very interesting question.
position: fixed can be broken when following properties are applied to its parent element:

  • transform
  • filter
  • perspective

(more details here)

In your case, you are using a filter in the body which messes up the position.

Now a possible solution would be to remove the filters from your body

and a apply them to a wrapper / container.



Thanks for sharing that!

Wow never realized the filter breaks child fixed position. I’m gonna have to write a seperate body wrpper and reference that for global filter instead of body. Thanks!

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