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"Why I hate Webflow"

Hey awesome Webflow community!

We had an interesting conversation start on DesignerNews this morning:

If you have a DN account, we’d love for you guys to contribute to the discussion since some of you are using Webflow daily. (Also feel free to upvote the thread if you like it so we can keep the conversation going.)

Thank you!


haters gonna hate. =P

If your products does NOT have any haters, then you’re doing something wrong. Keep up the great work WF Team!

oh and yea, I added my own reply to that thread :wink:


Webflow is a great tool. But, the true capacity of webflow will be brought out by the people who use it and develop amazing things with it. Just like how an employee grows with the ideas and work of their employees! my 2 cents.

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“Bad Publicity is Good Publicity”

There goes your marketing free of charge :wink:
In SEO, this is one of the tricks we used to lure a lot of people into reading the article. More reader/visitor you have for that, better chance of getting viral or better yet, get the best spot on top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). But I do get what he really meant tho, not for SEO. That functionality too would be awesome to be added to WF (code view).

I think what he needs is stackhive lol kiddin. I may have a ‘little’ dislikes with WF but that doesn’t meant I hate the tool. And also, that doesn’t mean it stop us from getting what we want with our design. WF tbh, is a Great tool! the potential is HUGE since it’s still growing…

You don’t even need to answer that really. But good job on your reply Vlad! Thumbs up