Why i cannot add a custom domain even though? i have a paid plan

Hello folk, i have Basic plan, why i cannot add a custom domain?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Leen, we cannot see your site settings, but it sounds like your Basic plan is not in effect or has been applied to the wrong site?

Check your dashboard. Below your Webflow site you’ll see Basic site if it’s on the basic plan.
If it says Starter site, it has no plan and you cannot add a custom domain.

Hi, thanks for replay!
i have a basic plan but how i can add this one to my site

@memetican Hi, Thanks for replay, how i can add my basic plan to my site?
i already have a basic plan but how i can added to my site

@memetican Hi, thanks for replay this is the issue, so how i can add my basic plan to my website ?

then i use a theme that support a CMS , i have to upgrade to CMS plan eventhough i don’t use the CMS element?

Hi Leen, missed your message.

Your qustion isn’t making much sense- the Basic plan is a hosting plan, so either you have it on your site, or you don’t. If you want to add a hosting plan, you do it through site settings.

If your site is currently using the CMS, then you need a CMS plan. If you don’t want those CMS features, you can empty the collections, delete them, empty the collection pages, remove all CMS features… and then you’ll be able to add the basic plan.