Why has this image moved to the left side

Why has this image, which has always been in the middle of the site, moved to the left??
it has been there in the middle for many, many years, - and just now suddenly the picture has moved?
can anyone help?
It is this site: Bankakonta

here is the my share link: Webflow - Christmas Child Føroyar

Could you please help me??

I don’t see anything that looks out of place-

Hi @memetican ! That is very strange, - Im my browser Safari and Chrome it looks like this:

But @memetican , - in the Designer in Webflow , it is similar your image.
But not in any live browser???

I’m using Chrome.
Probably you need to clear your cache.

I clear my cache in both Chrome and Safari.
Now it works on Chrome, - but not on Safari. Have try several times to clear my cache in Safari, - but that don’t work?