Why Doesn't My Home Page Have A Slug?

I am updating my Title Tags for SEO, boy, wow, this site should hum now. Anyway, as I was checking and double checking I noticed I started one page below my home page. I don’t want to make any changes until I am comfortable I know I won’t crash the whole site by change the “Home” page to “Local Fitness Trainer” or something similar once I check the Keyword Suggestions. I appreciate the help. Rookie Question from a Rookie, Thank you,

Because by definition, the home page is always located at /.
In Webflow, a slug represents a segment of the path, and the homepage needs none.

Use your SEO keywords in the page title, H2, content, even your META description though that’s mostly-irrelevant now. For the homepage, you do not need to consider keywords in the path.

Thank you very much, so to be clear, meta descriptions are no longer somethng to be concerned about for SEO, only the Title Tag: Keyword string - Location - Company Name?

I still use them, because Google is not the only search engine- but according to Google the META description no longer defines the SERP snippet; they will generally create it themselves from your page content.

It’s good to follow resources like Search Engine Journal and Google’s forums if you want to know current SEO best practices, a lot is changing right now.

Thank you very much for the tip about where to stay informed!!

I noticed you skipped over the H1, why is that, doesn’t look like an omission?
Also, is the proper layout for a Title Tag: Keyword string | City Name, State | Business Name ??? Thank you, Robert

Google’s SEO guidelines don’t often mention the H1.
In general the H1 might be your hero title, and would probably match the page’s title already.
H2 is generally more meaningful in most of the documentation, for structure and keywords on your page. I haven’t checked that recently, but I still find that approach works well to create excellent SEO on my projects.

No such thing. Depends on what keywords you want your page to be optimized for, and how you want it to appear in SERPs.