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Why doesn't my Contact Nav Scroll to where it's located?

Hi, guys and gals,

I am having issues with my site scrolling down to the contact section when you click on the contact NAV. It does not take you to the specific part of the page.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

Xternal Designs

Here is my site Read-Only:


Just give your “ContactUs” section a height of 100vh. I would also check to make sure your naming conventions are exactly the same. I know capitalization still works, but it makes for good practice. :grin:

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@XternalDesigns it is working as expected for me: https://cl.ly/1O0u0M3j402Q

It will link to the top of the section you define, and the contact section has a lot of blank space at the top which is why it scrolls how it does. Screenshot: https://cl.ly/1c292Z372M0n

If you want, you can give the contact heading an ID, and make the link go there. https://cl.ly/1w0c1I3P0S10

It won’t do that if you only have auto height on because they have a bottom to auto. So it’s only going to show what’s available which is the content. They’ll need to designate a specific height for the section. If you add vh it will show the entire section, which what they probably want.

Otherwise you’ll view parts of the section above. It doesn’t take into account other sections to exclude - without specific height, it will show the content available.

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Thank you for your support @garymichael1313 and @Justin_c

I really appreciate it! I will change the auto to vh @garymichael1313

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No problem, have a great holiday!

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