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Why doesn't hiding the Menu Button element with "Display-None" in the Designer also make its "Icon" child hidden when applying these properties in breakpoint views for Tablet and lower?

I just started using the Designer to practice building websites a couple of weeks ago.

Lately, I just added a default “Navbar” element to the site and noticed that, for the Menu Button inside the Navbar, choosing “Layout → Display → None” makes both the Menu Button and the Icon inside it disappear when applying the property in Desktop view, but doing the same when in Tablet view and lower breakpoints only hides the Menu Button (in this case, the Icon child inside the Menu Button only disappears when applying “Layout → Display → None” directly to it).
Is this because of how HTML and CSS work, or is it due to how Webflow works? Or both?

I’m also doing my best to understand how and why things work while practicing developing sites in the Designer, so it would help me a lot if I could understand this behaviour.

Thank you in advance,