Why does Webflow publish to two domains

Webflow publishes to www.iomete.com and to iomete.com
Why is that? Wouldn’t iomete.com be sufficient?

My SEO consultant’s reaction:

The current setup of https://www.iomete.com/

  • This site uses a disallow command in https://iomete.webflow.io/robots.txt
    • This setup can be expointe by bad SEO players. SEO has a mixed reputation for good reasons.
  • If possible, this site should be locked behind a firewall so you cannot access it.
    • I would reachout to WebFlow to:
    1. See if this is possible
    2. Are there other implications if this change is made

Hey! You need to set your default domain in Project Settings → Hosting. If you hover over the name of a domain in your hosting tab it will give you the option to set it as a default and when set as default all traffic will be served + forwarded to your chosen domain

Thanks @austin ! Would you recommend www.iomete.com or iomete.com (without the www) as default domain? Thx Piet

Not really sure that it matters. I tend to do www usually.