Why does Webflow not release their landing page as a template?

I really like webflow HP, especially the latest, i also really like the LP they did for The Webflw CMS coming soon page.there are several things there that are really hard to replicate , especially if you just want to learn how they did it, for example, the nice object flying ou of the circle button to all directions based on a hover state, how do i do that? sure it made with interactions but how?
It would be wonderful if all ‘made with webflow’ sites/lp by webflow would have been released under the template section.

What do you think?

here’s the read-only link for it! :smiley:



Hey @Guy_Cohen, we actually did that for a brief period of time before, but then got a lot of copy-cat websites that forgot to remove/scrub a lot of our information/logos from the content, which led to a ton of confusion :confused:

But you can always check out the preview link that Nelson pointed to :point_up: - that should show you exactly how certain things were implemented :smile:


Thanks @callmevlad and thank @PixelGeek it’s a great start but what about the ability to learn how to do the hover effect in this link: https://webflow.com/designer )in the animations and interactions section?
The hover effect was used also on the cms preview lp and it is really hard to replicate, maybe you can share some tips on how to do this?
I know you get lots of requests, but i think if you use it as one of the capabilities in this section it will be nice if you’ll also explain shortly how to do this.

Thanks in advance!

@Guy_Cohen Some of these interactions are pretty wild and could be written more cleanly. If you bump into anything that seems confusing, I can walk you through what’s going on.

Aweasome that you guys share the webflow homepage! Its a realy great learning tool!

@callmevlad mentioned the use of webflow logo’s and content and that is led to confusion. going onto this topic there is something im missing on the website and that is a press-kit wich we can use to promote webflow localy. would be great to have a place to go where we can find content we can use to promote webflow!

Just going to drop this here as well (because I’m pretty proud of it) - just a test but was an attempt to replicate the effect that you’re talking about - is a bit simpler too so maybe is easier to understand https://preview.webflow.com/preview/rainingallday?preview=3885b41650a48ab9e069cc0fd4138a27


This looks great. Definitely a lot easier to see pick apart this interaction.

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Thanks @joshuafry you did a beautiful job, i will dive into it and try to learn from it. Thanks again!


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