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Why does Webflow input necessary css-grid style HTML head?

When I looked at the source code of a new project where Im using the new css grid feature (I love it!) there’s inline css in the html head thats applied to the grid. The weird part is that it’s totally unnecessary and get overwritten by my own class and grid settings. Also; why is it inline and not in the css file?

Here’s the css:

.w-layout-grid {
display: grid;
grid-template-columns: 1fr 1fr;
grid-template-rows: auto auto;
grid-row-gap: 16px;
grid-column-gap: 16px;

Project url:

I don’t know if its a bug or why this is necessary?

Peter Bartel

@Svarte_Peter_J_Barte Good eye. It’s not actually a bug – more like something that we’re in the process of cleaning up. We should be close to shipping that clean-up change though. There shouldn’t be any impact on your published site!

All fine then! Thanks!


@Svarte_Peter_J_Barte we shipped the fix for this :slight_smile:

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