Why does this not centre?

I was going through the Creating a Full Site tutorial again and came across something odd. When I got down to the Footer Section, on mobile/landscape view, the elements in the second column wouldn’t centre.

Video https://youtu.be/Ymn1sPuNMt8?t=2095

My site: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/tundril?preview=e982427fb688f47a92505f023ab2c85b

The first column element(image) centred just fine but the link text elements would not.

What did I miss?

Because each element of the second column is float:right, and the float property kinda wins all the fights.
Set the column text-align:center in the typography settings panel, and nuke the float property for links, and they should (will!) center.


Ugh, it’s always the simple things.


You know what? Floats have been my nightmare, my nemesis, my unsolvable, for years. Enters Webflow and with live editing capabilities, I now always find a way not using floats. I haven’t used a flot in 18 months. Not-a-single-time. Because they’re evil. I don’t regret them.

And one day we’ll get flexbox support maybe, and I’ll dance on Float tomb!

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