Why does this happen after pressing "back to live site" in editor

Please see here: https://www.loom.com/share/98f21075a8c144948933451521f3a935

Hi @neanea6060,

I would recommend sending this to the support team as that looks like a bug.

They will ask for your share link and live link for this issue.

That is the best advice I can offer you.

Happy Designing,

I sent a mail to Webflow contact, - but have not heard a word from them. And now it is 7 days ago? I came from Business Catalyst, - when I wrote to them I got answer at once. I have paid a lot to Webflow to use their tools, - so I am very unhappy, as I can’t get an answer.

Hi @neanea6060,

Sorry to hear you are having issues getting a response to your question.

@rileyrichter or @Brando, can you guys help out on this publishing issue as it not something for us to help fix in the forum.

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Hi @neanea6060

Thanks for posting and sorry to hear about the trouble with the Editor.

And apologies for the delay in getting a response. However, I checked our conversations and it looks like one of our Support Specialists responded to your email and to your other forum post.

It appears there was a bit of a mix-up in thinking your email only concerned the above forum post. Apologies for missing this second one.

We’ll investigate the behavior you’re seeing and get back to you when we have more information. For now, can you please help us troubleshoot by providing some additional information?

  • What sites are you seeing this issue occur in — multiple or only this one?
  • When did it start occurring?
  • Can you send me the site Read-Only links, please?
  • Please let me know what browser version you’re using by sending me your information from this page. There should be a small share link when you visit the page which you can send to me.

Can you also please try the following:

Thanks in advance!

Hi Brando!
I don’t want to discuss this online so everybody can see it.
Why can’t I send an e-mail to your support??
Could you please give me an e-mail address?

Hi, @neanea6060!

We’re happy to take a look. :webflow_heart:

Can you reach out to our support team directly!

We’re looking forward to helping you solve this!

Hi again!
I started this topic to wrote to the support 25 August. But I have not heard a word from them?
And that is what I said to webDev_Brandon, -
And now Brando answer to that, and start a live conversation here, so everybody can see it. And I don’t like that.
Shall I start over again for the second support, as I don’t get answer from my question from 25 August

Hi, @neanea6060!!

I definitely don’t want you to start over. I just saw where you didn’t want to post the details here in the post and wanted to provide the link above so you can continue the conversation with us via email. :webflow_heart: Happy to help either way.

I’m very happy to continue this here on via a ticket. But, can you provide this information? :point_down:

Thanks so much! :webflow_heart:

I have sent you an e-mail through your website support

Hi, @neanea6060!

Thanks for letting me know. Can you DM me the email you used so I can track down your ticket and make sure you get the help you need?

Sorry, what does DM means? (sorry I am not english)

  • If it means to sent you my e-mail address to you, - you have to write you e-mail here? or?

Hi, @neanea6060!

It means direct message. So sorry I wasn’t more clear! :webflow_heart: Just sent you a message you can reply to so the whole world won’t see your email address.

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