Why does the top part of the page is cut when published?

I am new to webflow. I am facing an issue when I publish a page the top part of the page is cut. I would appreciate it if someone could help me with that. I attached the picture for reference.

Hello @rahul89,

Could you include your site link so we can take a look at your project?

Hello @Pablo_Cortes,
Here is the link.

Thank you.

Hello @rahul89,

I can’t really see what are you talking about since i can’t publish it, and when I use the preview mode it works fine. However, I see that your menu button is placed inside divblock 50 and then you used transforms and position(-11% on top and -10% on the right) absolute to put it on the top right corner. I think that is the problem. Place the menu button outside the divblock 50 inside the section without any transforms with position absolute ( all the settings on auto) on the top right corner.
Then use margins to do the final adjustments. I hope this can help.