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Why does the desktop version display one font but the mobile display another if they are in the same class?

So I made a bunch of headers the “Impact” font, and changed the class of all of them to 111. In mobile preview it looks fine, but in the published website on mobile there is no formatting. I don’t understand what is causing this? Why would it look fine in the designer and on preview but not publish properly?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Hi @aarongriffin2 welcome to the forum.

Devices are different than a preview simulation of what a “mobile device” looks like in a browser. You don’t indicate which device and OS version that is not loading the font, nor did you share a published URL that can be tested with a real device to inspect. Both would really need to be provided in order for anyone to debug your issue.

The read only link is shared in my original post above - but here it is again: http://https//

All OS devices, All Android Devices on mobile are not displaying the Impact font. Headers are formatted “111” class with Impact font. On the mobile editor it displays correctly, it shows the correct class. But on published website across all mobile devices it does not display correctly.