Why does page 2 of this CMS page get a strange link

Hello friends!
I saw a strange link tonight on one of my CMS
page 1 has this link: Bókamerkir
But page 2 has this link: Bókamerkir

Where does this strange ending appear on page 2: “?67eaaab7_page=2”

When I’m on page 2 and press on page 1 again, the link gets this name: Bókamerkir

  • again a strange link in the end: “?67eaaab7_page=1”

Thank you so much for helping me!!
(by the way, when I am doing this link live here, - the link change? (so you have to click on the link to see the ending)

Pagination is the reason.

OK. Thank you!

  • So nothing to do with this?