Why does my Collection List Pagination in Webflow refresh to the top of the page?

Hi! I am trying to create a simple slider within my webflow project. When I tap the “next” or “previous” arrow it correctly switches to the next page but also reloads the page and sends me to the top.

Does anyone know a fix or troubleshooting?

Thank you

Here is my public share link: Read only link

Hi Lukas,
I’m not seeing any issues here-

Thank you for your time Michael. I can see how I should’ve been more specific. In the bottom there’s a tiny arrow at the right side of my screenshot.

There is only one article because I’m still working on it. When you tap that arrow the issue occurs :blush:

Ah, ok, that’s not a slider, you’ve created a paginated collection list, and you’re navigating to the next page.

You need the slider element if you’re looking for a slider UX.
If you want to bind it to CMS content, have a look at Finsweet’s CMS slider extension.