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Why does magicslider not work for me?


I recently cloned @magicmark Magic Slider and I cannot get the images to load. I left it exactly how he created it, but the images do not load when I hit publish. Am I missing something?

I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this…

Here is my site Read-Only:

Just found the answer. It’s because of the Jquery 3.0 update. I found the code to override the update and keep the old 2.2.0 version so the code will work correctly.

Before I close this thread, does anybody know if we have to update the code for it to work with Jquery 3.0?

Also, will Jquery 2.20 be discontinued after time?

Please forgive me as I’m still new to Custom Code!

Thank you!

Was just about to post, I’ve also gonna back to 2.2.0 on the sites it’s used.

I’m not sure what will need to be changed in the code though, or what the effects of staying at 2.2 will be… I.e will things not work in the future?

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Yeah I’m not sure! Thank you @magicmark for your amazing work!!

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