Why does it act weird when reusing interaction?

I created a side menu that slides in when clicking on a button.
To close the side menu, there’s a close (X) button on the menu panel.
The same Interaction I gave the close button, I gave also to the menu background that covers the rest of the page.
For some reason, the interaction will work nice and smooth on the close button but not when clicking on the background outside the menu panel.
Am I missing something?

Here is my published link:

Here is my public share link:

I believe it’s because you have it set to move elements with the class of “elements” that are parents of the clicked item:

The button is a child of “elements” but the menu bg is a sibling:


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Thanks Sam!
I changed the class effect to “All elements with this class” instead of default “Only parents with this class” and this made the magic… Thanks