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Why does Facebook Ads


I created a Facebook Ad to my site

However, when creating the ad, in the Facebook ad creator preview pane, I could see that an old version of the site was displayed.

The problem is that the Facebook Admin have rejected the ad and are stating “This includes techniques that attempt to disguise the ad’s content or destination page.”

Here is a screen shot of the Facebook Ad. Clearly different from the site which is live.

I also note that in the project settings the Open Graph image is outdated.

I need to know why this is happening so that I can fix the problem and then explain it to the Facebook Admin team.

I look forward to you help.



go to the Settings your page: (like on the screenshot )

  • scroll to Graph Settings
  • delete Open Graph Image URL


Thanks Matthias - will do.

Are there any other possible causes for the Facebook Ad rejection that are related to Webflow configuration?

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This is fixed and issue resolved.