Why does element always move to the same place no matter the value? (Animation)

When I’m making an animaton, not matter what Y value I put in, it always goes to the same part of the screen. It should be fully visible and fixed to the bottom of the screen at 0.
Element in question: Free service’s parrent div block.


You don’t have any interaction set for that element, so it’s hard to fully understand what your problem is. I do see you’ve set the position of the element to “fixed” with it auto positioning to the bottom of the screen. When I preview, I do see that working. But… this may be interfering with your interaction.

Setup the failing state so it can be reviewed.

Thanks for the reply.
I’ve waited so long that I’ve figured out a solution myself.
It’s very complicated.

Please share :smile:

So basically I thought I needed to make a preset and then use it on different elements.
I didn’t realise I had to make a different animation for every element.