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Why do smartphones hang so much?

Using Lenovo K3 note, not able to type at all. It is hanging like anything.

Web pages are easily 5 to 25Mo today, with Javascript or even more demanding technologies. They demand quit a strong processing effort to devices, along with some decent free amount of RAM.

Lenovo K line is made of affordable devices. Big screen but weak at computing, along with the minimum of RAM.

That may explain hangs.

I din’t found it that good, also got its motherboard changed ones still hanging. The touch is also not that smooth.

I really hate this phone, I brought this one 2 weeks ago and is having issues with wireless network, I dont know what is wrong with this?

If you are facing issue with slow performance I recommend you to root this device. Use a one click root framework like to root without bricking. I too have a same model, but having some hardware issues.

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