Why do people using webflow create so few animations, interactions and cool effects?

Every day, more and more I am surprised at the opportunities that webflow gives. These features allow you to create amazing sites. But only a few use these opportunities. People create static (in terms of animations and interactions) sites. Why? You can create sites that are superior to Awwwards. Why does not anyone do this?

It’s like buying an expensive supercar, and do not exceed the speed of 60km.

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Agree that Webflow as a platform gives you tons of potential especially with the CMS and iX2. You can basically go as far as creating an interactive web app if you want to, but because of client restrictions experimenting and pushing the limits can sometimes be confined to personal projects. I think it’s all about lining up the right ideas with the right project. I know I personally have more ideas than time.

So my question to you, @Bogette is when can we see your site that will push the speed limits of the interwebs? :racing_car::wink:

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