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Why do my nav bar opening wrong page?

I have a page called “Events” that i can see in the editor and all looks fine
On the Top nav bar under the Events Tab I have tried to link it to the events page by selecting the “Events” page from the Drop down and I also tried using the URL link adamdobson/events
When i publish and click on “Events” at the top bar
for a second the browser shows “adamdobson/events” but then changes to “adamdobson/Thinking-into-results” page and loads this page instead of the “Events” page.
I have no idea why it’s loading this page and not the “Events” page and i can not get it to load the events page when i select the events tab?
Plse help
I have tried clearing the cache, I have tried a completely different Browser, I have tries going incognito and it keeps loading the Thinking-into-Results page and not the Events Page
I have been trying to fix this for days, plse help ASAP

Make sure you don’t have an URL redirect from /events to /thinking-into-results in your site settings (“Hosting” tab > 301 Redirects) or in your DNS settings

Thanks Mate
I tried that and still same problem
I changed the redirect both ways

HI Mate that did work, thank you very much

I was wondering f you know how to turn off a pop up
I have a few places when a users clicks on a button and Pop up appears to buy a ticket and subscribed and i cant see where the pop up is coming from and how to turn it of

I just want the button to got to a URL which it does but i want to turn off the pop up, Any ideas how or where i can do this??

@AdamD77 - If you want help please share a read-only link to your project.