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Why do href tags change Layout?

Hi guys,

I created a multilingual website in Webflow. For SEO purposes I want to add the following href taggs to tell google which site is which. I tried to understand how they work and looked up different websites to see how they were implemented there. I also checked a bunch of forum topics on this, where I didn’t find a solution.

The issue is when I am putting the href code in the code section in some pages parts of the code turns red, signaling that there is an issue going on.

So far I wasn’t able to resolve the problem but what happened is that on the pages where the code turned red they changed the layout of the page. On one page the background color was removed on the other some padding was changed.

Here’s a example of my href tags:

<link rel="canonical" href="“>
<link rel="alternate" href="“ hreflang="en">
<link rel="alternate" href="“ hreflang="de">

What’s even more disturbing is that on the english part of the site I just copy pasted the same code back in and it resolved it on that page. (the same didn’t work again) Also when you check the published code I don’t get the full block of href tags.

This is what the published code for example looks like:

<link rel="canonical" href="”&gt;
&lt;link rel=" alternate"="" hreflang="de" body-4"="">

I hope I provided all the necessary information for y’all to help me solve this problem, Cheers!!

Hey, is there any way someone can help me get around this?

Seems you used invalid characters “ is totally different from ", you must use everywhere "

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Omg, that’s a bit embarrassing as I literally checked the " characters, but must have missed the ones. Thank you so much for replying.