Why can't I use my one.com storage space when using Webflow?

Hey all!

I’m using one.com for my domain name where i also have storage space included.
I want to be able to upload a video to my storage space and use that link on my Webflow site, but when i’ve uploaded a video and go to it’s path, then it just goes to a 404 page.

For example this video link: https://www.baseborn.studio/2250187264.mp4

How can i upload videos to my storage space and use in my site? All help is very much appreciated!

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Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

I’m assuming your site is Webflow-hosted, which means that baseborn.studio and www.baseborn.studio are configured to point to Webflow’s servers.

One .com’s files on there, they’re on a different server.

If one .com has the ability to expose its stored files on a subdomain, you could configure it as something like assets.baseborn.studio and then use that to access them.

Thanks man! Really need to learn more about subdomain and Webflow!