Why can't I change the body copy in my rich text element without it effecting another?

I am trying to create several blog posts. I made one a few days ago by adding copy, quotes and images with a rich text element and created classes for my copy text as I didn’t like how I wasn’t able to style the text when selecting “Get Text From Blog Post”

Worked great until I have to add another blow post. In my new blog post if I try to add new copy, quotes and images it changes it all on my first bold post.

How can I resolve this?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Phase Sensors

Hi Jenny

Thanks for your question about creating blog posts.

You need to use the "Get Text From Blog Post” functionality in order to have different text per blog post. Any “static” content on one blog post will be reflected on all other blog posts. So, any changes on any blog page will be reflected on all pages. Remember this is a template and there are no separate pages for each blog post.

As for the styling issue. You’ll simply style the rich text (with a class) before you turn on the "Get Text From Blog Post” functionality. That way the content will reflect the styles applied to the rich text with the same class.

You can learn more here: Rich text element overview | Webflow University

Let me know if this is helpful. I’m happy to answer any further questions.