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Why can't "Add to Cart" be placed in a symbol

I was able to add a collection-list in my symbol along with a Cart, but I can’t add a “Add to Cart” element and was wondering why?

Hopefully after posting this, I would be able to add a “Add to Cart” element to symbol so I can have it working across multiple pages.


The ‘Add to Cart’ element needs to be placed on the Product template page or inside a Collection list (where source is Product ). I don’t see why you couldn’t add a collection list to a symbol.

@Gail_Ranger Source is product and I am trying to add the “Add to Cart” element inside a collection list. The collection list is inside a symbol. I’m not sure why I can’t add the element though.


Feel to check it out:

I don’t know if there are extra constraints for symbols once created, I just created a symbol from the collection list. What happens if you make a new symbol?

I appreciate your quick response.

The symbol is also on the navbar, so I’m not sure if that’s also a constraint.
Let me give that a try. I’ll keep you posted.

@Gail_Ranger Seems to be a bug. First I created another collection list outside of the symbol and then created a new symbol with the “Add to Cart” element in it and nested that symbol inside the first symbol and the “Add to Cart” stayed. Oddly if I go back to the other collection-list now I can add the “Add to Cart” element, but I can’t copy and paste the element.

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