Why aren't www and @ DNS grouped together?

Hey Webflow team

When adding a custom domain, webflow neatly adds another one for www and this is awesome.

But, when publishing my websites, I can select either one? Whats this reason for this? It would be neater to group them together.

This may help :smile:


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This is because not everybody wants to use both domain and “www” subdomain. Like my website, for example, I’m keeping the blog hosted elsewhere, so I’m only using the “www” subdomain for main Webflow site.

Blog is hosted at http://blog.samliew.com, and I have other subdomains as well, so I cannot point the entire domain to Webflow.

I understand and thanks for explaining.

blog.samliew.com is an understandable use case yes BUT

would you ever have
www.samliew.com and
samliew.com pointing to different paths?

It isn’t the best way to do it, but I set up a redirect on my host to point http://samliew.com to http://www.samliew.com

That way, I won’t lose any traffic, and visitors to the old pages will be redirected to the home page. If I pointed http://samliew.com directly to the new Webflow hosted site, visitors to old pages will see 404 errors.

I do the same thing, I think you’re missing my point.

There is no need to display both in the publishing panel as there is no use case in the particular scenario of www and @

You are right, all we need is for one to redirect to the other, which is already set up by selecting a default domain in Site Dashboard > Hosting settings.

My original intention was to be able to redirect samliew.com/blog to blog.samliew.com, but now since there is a new feature in Webflow to 301 redirect to external urls, I think this problem has gone away for me.

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Correction, the problem has not gone away, because there is no wildcard redirects in Webflow.

For example, I need


to redirect to:


Therefore, I need to capture any request going to samliew.com, check for pattern using a htaccess file, then perform the redirect to the blog. If visitor wasn’t heading to the blog, then it just redirects to my site as usual.

I also have other blogs that I migrated from directories to subdomains before moving to the Webflow site, and therefore needed to “capture” users headed to the old subdirectory URLs to redirect them. That was the real reason why I split up the www and non-www domains.

The post by pixelgeek would do the trick in your case. After setting a default domain, only publishing to the default will be possible. The other “www” subdomain will not be shown.

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and so it did :slight_smile: thanks!

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