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Why are these dashes showing up as links on my embed code?

I am at my end here with this and have to ask for some help.

I cannot get rid of or understand why there are dashes between these 3 icons:

I tried turning all link colours to the same background (even visited state) but still showing up as links and dashes.

Here is my public site to help trouble shoot:

Thanks so much.

Neither of the two links are helpful to help you on this, sorry (:

But I went to

And there is no dashes, see :

that’s for looking @vincent makes it even stranger now!

Once a day there’s a post about something one designer sees and the others don’t, because of some sort of CACHE issues. Have you tried in a completely different browser, computer, …house? Don’t look at me like that, I’m not even joking :smiley:

I mean maybe you fixed your issue a while ago but you just can’t see the results… yet.

Thanks @vincent I know about flushing the cache, and did many times on different browsers and computers… still the same issue.

One thing that you did help identify is that it looks fine when on the webflow servers, but when I export to the code, and upload the structure as is to my ftp, the error appears.

I wonder what could happen that different?

Btw, if anyone is using the addthis service, it looks like Twitter updated their API so any older embed code from addthis would not work properly. Looks like the old code was adding the dashes. If you grab the new embed code from addthis, it should work fine.