Why are Scroll animations not working when duplicated?


How do you make all the case study template the same scroll animation? Only the bicycle one animates.

Hi @PinMan,

Are you refering to the “Expertise - Branding” interaction?

I have no idea actually, but from your experience or expertise, if that is what it looks like, that’s probably what it is.

I’m referring to how those 3 templates moving up and down, grazing each other for the cycles. How do you replicate that to the others?

  1. Some of the elements in the interaction do not exsist, or have been disconnected.

  2. All the elements in the interaction are ‘selected’ based, which i sless idead for when and interaction repeats itself in several plavces with similar elements. It is better to chose the element by class.

This is semi-advanced stuff…
If you’re not the one created the interactions, or not sure how to create these, you can find a Webflow expoert to help you with that.

I’ll figure this out


wait a second, that doesn’t make any sense bcuz the expertise-branding interaction has those missing warning signs is featured on the bicycle template and they still work, so it can’t be that

This is the 1st part of the problem. Some elements are affected, and some are not…

I swapped out the targets from div block to img (of other tempaltes) out but still no animation