Why are my navbars different?

I am only using one Symbol to create the navbar and repeated across the pages and yet the navbar seems to shift on this page compared to the Home page.

I know sometimes WebFlow seems to get a bit confused and refuses to update the live site when changes are made, so I deleted the symbol on both pages, re-added and the behaviour remains. It’s using the standard page so I’m a bit lost as to this oddity.

Here is my public share link: LINK

This has nothing to do with the nav/symbol. You have a class “body” on one page, and missing on the other. I don’t see a need for a special class on body element, when you can style the global body tag.

Thanks Sam. I don’t recall why it was there now.

Also, style the ‘global body tag’? Can’t say that I’ve done that before. Can you point me to a related help article on it?

Instead of adding a class to body, do this

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