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Why are my images not appearing? Plz help!

For some reason, when I click to view the “toggle preview” eye I don’t see my images, rather I see this generic “background image”!

When I go back into the editor I can see the actual images as I’d hope they’d appear. What’s going on?

Here’s my link:

When i look at the site in preview mode in the designer it looks fine. I do not have any problems.
It looks fine when pulling the BG image from the CMS.

Do you have a link to the pubished version?

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Wow, I’m new to this so I don’t really understand what’s going on.
But when I clicked publish and viewed that link the images appear as intended.

For some reason when I switch to toggle preview it reverts to the background image.

It looks fine, don’t worry. Webflow creates a dummy BG Image when you set properties of the image. Then the CMS image is reading the properties and display your image.

But in my browser i do se your BG Image, it’s a bit strange you can’t se them

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