Why are elements not moving down?

So this might help explain a few other things but I always thought that if you ADD an element to a sections/container/div, the other elements would ‘move down’ if you placed said element above it.

Here I have a Container that has an H2, A Div and a 2-column row. Initially I had the H2 within the Div

What I want to do is move that H2 to outside the Div and push it down to keep the same current height of the Div.

What happens is that the Div just ‘squishes down’ to accomodate the H2 moving above it.

The container Height is set to Auto with a 0 margin/padding bottom. To me, this means anything added should simple ‘push down’ any other element.

What am I not understanding here?

Does that div has height in px?

It did not. When I added height in px, then I could manipulate it’s size and it would move as expected when I moved the H2 to outside of it.

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