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Why a link to a 'section-id' does not work from an other page?

please can anybody tell me why buttons that link to a section in an other page does not work when you want to navigate back to them

Check the website for the effect: (made in wordpress)

but in wordpress… you can go back by an arrow: is this possible in webflow?
I would also want the same navbar as the 'home’page… is this not possible… ?
who as an answer?

Thanks to help me

my preview:

Thanks to help me

Hey @KarelRosseel82

With those links instead of directly linking them with section links, you can just set the URL to those sections so it works on other pages.

For example the URL would be -

In regards to the back button if that doesn’t always return to home you could use some JS to return to the last page they visited.

Use the class name return and this code:

$(document).ready(function() {
$(".return").click(function() {

Hope that helps!