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Whole Slider to "Slide" in from RHS

Hi all,

Im wondering if I can have the whole slider pannel “slide” in from the right hand side of the screen when the user clicks the portfolio button?? Then once they navigate to another area of the website (ie: about), its slides back out to reveal the new area.

Thanks for any help on this… I’m a massive noob at web dev.

Cheers, Steve

Do you also want the whole site to be pushed to left? Or will the slider just “slide” from right side of the screen and will be on top of the current slide?

Thanks for your response.

I’m not wanting the whole site to slide, just the slider alone, over top of the main orange bar. Examples below:

I’d like it to go from image ‘(A)’ to image ‘(B)’ once the portfolio button is clicked, via a sliding effect outward from the RHS.



Also, if its possible, it would be great if the “Steve Young” at top right corner faded to white on top of the black slider once it has moves out.

thanks for helping.


PS: sorry, just noticed spelling mistake in topic heading… was meant to say “in from RHS”, not “in front RHS”.

Anyone have any idea how to achieve this?