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Whole section disappearing on mobile

Hello lovely community!

I’m having the weirdest problem! A whole section (product template page, main section) is missing when my page reaches tablet… I checked all the display settings and they are correct, none of the divs are set to “display none” or anything like that! I’ve tried to change interactions and a lot of position and size settings to see if they work and nothing!

Would you mind to check out and see if you can spot something please? I’m really frustrated hahaha!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

@ricardopah - which page and section?

Sorry! Its the “productos template page”, the main section “section producto-detalle-section”

@ricardopah - the grid section it is in hp-grid is set to display none starting on mobile landscape.

OMG! It is! But its super weird cause I was starting the down size editing in tablet, and in tablet everything was display grid as it should and still did not show up! I think something is off with the breakpoints! but thanks so much man! it was the stupidest thing ever! hahaaha!